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Press Release: Istari Announces 1st Patient in LUMINOS-101 Trial of PVSRIPO with Pembrolizumab for rGBM

Istari Oncology Announces First Patient Dosed in the LUMINOS-101 Phase 2 Clinical Trial of PVSRIPO…

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Partner News: UH Seidman Cancer Center Opens New Trial with PVSRIPO

From the office of University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center: UH Seidman Cancer Center Opens New…

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Press Release: Istari to Open LUMINOS-102 Trial in Treatment-Refractory Melanoma

Istari Oncology Announces FDA Clearance of New IND to Open LUMINOS-102: PVSRIPO with and without…

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Press Release: Istari Oncology Presents Data from Phase 1 Melanoma Study

For the full poster on the Phase 1 trial click the button below.

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Published Research in Nature Communications: Genetically stable poliovirus vectors activate dendritic cells and prime antitumor CD8 T cell immunity

Journal authors for the below study: Mubeen M. Mosaheb, Elena Y. Dobrikova, Michael C. Brown,…

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Published Research in Science Advances: CReP mediates selective translation initiation at the endoplasmic reticulum

Journal authors for the below study: Jonathan P. Kastan, Elena Y. Dobrikova, Jeffrey D. Bryant,…

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Announcing the new Istari Oncology website

Welcome to our new website; we invite you to look around. Please contact us if…

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Istari Oncology Announces NEJM Publication of Phase 1 Trial Results in Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma Treated with PVSRIPO

21% Overall Survival at 24 Months and 36 Months, Compared to 14% and 4% in…

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Published Research

  1. Brown et al. Cancer immunity with recombinant poliovirus Induces IFN-dominant activation of dendritic cells and tumor antigen-specific CTLs, Science Translational Medicine. (2017).
    1. This study defines the adjuvant and cancer immunotherapy potentials with the recombinant polio-rhinovirus chimera PVSRIPO. This technology has the ability to stimulate an anti-pathogen inflammatory response within the tumor, specifically malignant gliomas, that culminates in dendritic cell and T cell infiltration. This study’s findings show that PVSRIPO functions as a potent intratumor treatment that generates an antigen-specific cytoxic T lymphocyte response.
  2. Mosaheb et al. Genetically stable poliovirus vectors activate dendritic cells and prime antitumor CD8 T cell immunity, Nature Communications. (2020).
    1. This study shows that poliovirus can generate antigen-specific CD8 T cells, elicit Th1-promoting inflammation and do not interfere with innate or adaptive immunity. It created a methodology based on the polio-rhinovirus chimera PVSRIPO for a more stable expression of exogenous antigens, showing that PVSRIPO vectors prime antigen-specific CD8 T cells and help them migrate to the tumor site to ultimately delay growth and enhance survival.
  3. Kastan et al. CReP mediates selective translations initiation the endoplasmic reticulum, Science Advances. (2020).
    1. This study reviews the role of the constitutive repressor of elF2a phosphorylation (CReP) in translation of poliovirus and the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). CReP anchors the translation machinery at the ER and enables local protein synthesis in this compartment, which is also protected from the suppression of acute stress responses. The study found that partitioning the translation machinery to the ER enables cells to maintain active translation during stress conditions associated with global protein synthesis suppression.
  4. Desjardins et al. Recurrent Glioblastoma Treated with Recombinant Poliovirus, The New England Journal of Medicine. (2018).
    1. This study conducts a dose-finding and toxicity report in a population of patients with grade IV malignant glioma tumors. It evaluated intra-tumoral delivery of the recombinant polio-rhinovirus chimera (PVSRIPO). The infusion of PVSRIPO did not cause neurovirulent symptoms and the survival rate among patients was higher, with 24 to 36 months compared to the rate among historical control patient populations.
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