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Istari is committed to expanding its therapeutic assets beyond the PVSRIPO platform to include breakthrough technologies in the immuno-oncology space. Istari is currently engaged in researching the efficacy of Antibody Toxin Conjugates (ATCs), which are a relatively new class of anti-tumor agents that combine tumor-selective monoclonal antibodies, or fragments thereof, linked to protein molecules for selectively delivering potent toxins to tumor cells, in the fight against cancer. Unlike chemotherapy, ATCs are designed to identify and primarily kill only the cancer cells and spare healthy cells by combining the unique targeting capabilities of monoclonal antibodies with the cancer-killing ability of cytotoxic drugs such as those used in conventional chemotherapy.

Advancing a New Series of ATCs

Istari Oncology’s toolkit of ATCs has the potential to impact a variety of oncology targets. These select, highly specific, monoclonal antibodies are presently conjugated with the PE-38 toxin to maximize the killing effect.

Our molecule is poised to overcome many of the challenges associated with other ATCs because its genetic linkage provides greater stability than chemical linkers. This also makes them easier to manufacture and quicker to bring to market. The FDA granted our ATC, D2C7, Orphan Drug Designation in 2016.

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