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Promising a Safer, More Effective Approach to Immune Activation Against Cancer

Immunotherapies have revolutionized the treatment of cancer, but many tumors remain unresponsive. There are many shortcomings with current approaches, such as primary and secondary resistance and safety concerns — especially when anti-cancer therapies are used in combination with each other. PVSRIPO works to address these limitations through a potentially safer approach to eliciting an immune response that is durable and sustainable, even in difficult to treat tumors. Emerging clinical data are giving us confidence that PVSRIPO can safely, combined with anti-PD-1/L1 immunotherapies, increase or rekindle an antitumor immune response.

PVSRIPO’s Unique Approach to Viral Immunotherapy

PVSRIPO has a unique value proposition that derives from each patient’s own immunity to polio once vaccinated. Every person vaccinated against polio enjoys lifetime memory T cell immunity. The durability and efficacy of the polio recall response are legendary. PVSRIPO is a novel viral immunotherapy based on the Sabin type-1 polio vaccine and genetically modified so it is fully neuro-incompetent and cannot harm healthy cells.

PVSRIPO can be positioned as a truly revolutionary viral immunotherapy for cancer treatment due its mechanistic advantages against conventional treatments:

  • PVSRIPO has a natural and defined target: The poliovirus receptor CD155. CD155 is expressed in virtually all solid cancers, as well as dendritic cells, macrophages and other immune cells.
  • PVSRIPO infects and kills tumor cells that express CD155.
  • PVSRIPO infection of immune cells facilitates the induction of an antitumor immune response.
  • PVSRIPO is the only oncolytic virus that is not destroyed by the Type 1 interferon response caused by these viruses.
  • Other oncolytic viruses kill or limit dendritic cells. PVSRIPO stimulates dendritic cell activity and immune function.
  • Cancer patients who are immune to polio, and have been boosted with the Salk vaccine, experience a recall immune response upon intratumoral PVSRIPO administration.
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